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Time with MoMo’s horses

Merideth and Grant love to go out to the barn and see MoMo’s horses.  Here are some pictures from Percy the horses first b-day party!  Yes, the horse had a party.  He also had a shower when he was born given by MoMo’s co-workers.  Really it is just an excuse for them to all get together to eat, ride the horses, and see each other.  Although they came with apples and carrots for Percy’s presents.

DSC02755              DSC02758

DSC02763                DSC02761

DSC02767        DSC02752

This baby had just been born the day before


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It’s pumpkin carving time

One of our favorite things to do in the fall is carve our pumpkins.  We had promised the kids that we would carve their pumpkins Sunday afternoon.  I laid down with Merideth to take a nap and at 4:20 Grant came in and woke us up and said “you said we could carve pumpkins, dad is sick so you will have to do it with us.”  I drug myself out of the bed, realizing that the carving would have to be done quickly if we were going to get to Awana on time.  Now, I’m not real good with knives, I have a bad habit of cutting myself and we had promised Grant that he could carve his own this year.  Well, I didn’t know I would be the one doing the carving by myself when this promise was made.  Thankfully Momo had brought the kids a pumpkin carving kit and it contained small saw like knives that were very easy for him to handle.  Grant chose the moon and stars picture.  I drew it for him and he did the carving all by himself for the first time.  He did a wonderful job and his pumpkin looks great.   Merideth wanted a face with triangle eyes, a heart nose, a fish mouth, and bibles for ears.  She chose this because of something Mrs. Stricker did for us at her house as a way to share the gospel with others.  Now, I can’t remember exactly what she carved on hers or what they all stood for so I’m not sure that we did it exactly right but that is what Merideth wanted anyway.  She did remember that when we clean out the insides that is like God cleaning the yuckies out of us and then you put the top on to seal God up inside of you.  She needed help carving, but liked to use a little scorer to make holes so that the cutting would be easier.  They both had a great time and were excited tonight to see their pumpkins lit up.  This morning we roasted the pumpkin seeds and had them for a snack.  Notice the shirts that the kids are wearing.  I got the idea from Family Fun magazine and made their Halloween shirts this year.  They loved them.

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Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

Last week we made a trip to Begg’s Pumpkin Patch down in Blodgett.  For those of you who have never been it is a lot of fun for the kids.  We went with our homeschool group as a field trip. To start off we watched a little movie about corn and how it’s grown, etc.  Then  we rode on the wagons out to the patch to pick our pumpkins.  This is not the part that I enjoy with either of my kids.  They take forever to pick their pumpkins and to top it off my friend’s daughter had gone with the us and she didn’t want a pumpkin that had dirt on it.  Well, that is pretty hard to do in a dirty pumpkin patch.  I finally had to say you are all taking the pumpkins that are in your hands, the trailer is going to leave us if we don’t get back on.  They were satisfied with that and happy to get back to the play area.  Grant and Merideth both love the long bumpy tube slide and the duck races.  I think this year’s favorite thing might have been The Twister.  You go in a tunnel and walk across a bridge and there is a large tube with glow in the dark stars on it that is turning around you to make it fell like your moving.  It was pretty wild.  The pig races were also a hit.  We enjoyed spending the day with our friends from our group and even saw some other people there that we knew who were there with their schools.


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Time with Momo

Momo is  Chris’ mom.  She and Grant have always had a very special bond.  She and Merideth love each other now, but when Merideth was little it was more of a I guess I’ll have to deal with you if we’re together attititude.  That is because Merideth only liked her mommy when she was a baby.  As I type this entry, Momo, Grant, and Merideth are upstairs watching Finding Nemo.  When Grant was 2 and Merideth was a baby Momo would come every Wednesday Night and keep them while Chris and I went to Growing Kids God’s Way Class.  Momo would bring Happy Meals and they would pick this movie every single time.  She even bought Grant a little table to set beside his little recliner so they could eat in the living room.  At the end of the movie they would dance to the jazzy music.  I wanted to come add this and as I am they are upstairs saying now he’s gonna do this or then he did that.  I guess Nemo will always be a movie that my family, including grandma will never get tired of.

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