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The Magic House

DSC02716We went with the other families from our homeschool group from church to the Magic House.

DSC02701                                  DSC02705

On The Jack in the Beanstalk Climbing Vine


DSC02710                            DSC02712

Touching the ball

DSC02715           DSC02718

DSC02720               DSC02721

DSC02727                DSC02719


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Merideth and Bailey’s Tea Party

DSC02787DSC02784One day Bailey came over to play and the girls wanted to dress up.  I was cleaning out cabinets in my kitchen while they were playing and I told them they could do the Easy Bake Oven.  Well, before you know it we were having a full blown tea party complete with my real china.  They  also put on make-up as you will see in the pictures.

DSC02771            DSC02773

DSC02774         DSC02775

DSC02779    DSC02781



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Our Garden

DSC02822I’ve always said one of the only reasons that I don’t want  to live in town forever is that I would like to have a garden.  I didn’t think it was possible in our small backyard, but Chris decided to build a retaining wall and put one in for me this year.  The kids loved helping build, plant, gets supplies, and have also enjoyed helping to water it and pick the goodies from it.  We’ve learned some things to do differently next year and I am so glad that he did this for me.  The kids loved getting to dig in the dirt before we planted the veggies.


DSC02788                                 DSC02821

Putting down paper to keep the weeds out of the brick

DSC02789                    DSC02820

Merideth was supervising


DSC02790                 DSC02826

DSC02829                                  DSC02830

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Kids Pampered Chef Party

Back in April my friend Becca and I had a Pampered Chef Show for kids.  All of the kids got to help prepare the food at the show.  They had a great time.  I have always loved Pampered Chef and have many of their kitchen gadgets, but after this party my kids are obsessed with PC.  Everytime I get something out they come to check and see if it is PC.  I guess they listened to all of Mrs. Anita’s descriptions and want to make sure we have the best :o)

DSC02799              DSC02800


DSC02801       DSC02802

DSC02807      DSC02811



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Happy Birthday Grant


It has been a month since you turned 6 and I wanted to write you your b-day letter.  At Mrs. Katie’s wedding the other day she said she has always loved your “ZEST” for life.  As your mom, I have to agree.  You go full force at everything.  It doesn’t take a lot to excite you and you want to know every detail of every topic.  You are so much fun to be around and I am so glad that God blessed me with you.  This past year you have gone from still having a baby face to looking like just a little boy.  You are very compassionate and quick to forgive others, and you do not ever want Merideth to get into trouble.  You love your sister and love to play with her.  You are so good to play what she wants to sometimes, even if it means playing with Barbies.  Right now you have really been into learning about bugs again.  You like to help your daddy fix things and not long ago you told me that you wanted to fix the deck.  You went to the garage, got your toolbox, and proceded to put the latch back on with a hammer and nail by yourself.  You were so proud of this accomplishment and I was proud of you for really thinking about how you could fix this by yourself.  You LOVE Star Wars and love to act it out with your friends.  I don’t think you will ever get tired of the movies.  You’ve competed now in two karate competitions and have made me so proud at both of them.  You are a very happy little boy, but you don’t really like for attention to be on you in a group setting.  You do this thing with your mouth when your nervous and everyone is looking at you.  You come up with the funniest sayings and are always trying to tell everyone the things that you know.  You love to go on bike rides with your daddy, and when you get home you like to tell me everything that you saw on your ride.  The other day I taught you how to pump gas, and now you want to do it everytime we get gas.  You love to sneak drinks of my soda and you’ve gotten very good at getting in the refrigerator and making your own drink.  You just started taking horse lessons a couple of months ago out at MoMo’s barn where her horses live and you are catching on quickly.  Your growing up to fast and somedays I wish I could stop time or go back and hold you one more time as a baby.  You love to come and cuddle in the mornings in the bed with us, and you like to sleep with Merideth on pallets in your bedroom floor.  You can’t wait to be a cousin to Lucy in a few months and if it were up to you she would get something new from us everytime we went to the store.  Your desire for all of your friends and everyone that we know to have Jesus in their hearts is amazing.  You like to pray for your friends and others that are in need.  I love you so much and am thankful to God for another wonderful year as your mommy :o)





Grant with Momo’s horse Sunny


Fixing the Gate



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Easter 2009

DSC04665Here are some pictures from this past Easter.  We went to church, then had Chris’ family over for lunch.   The day before we had our annual egg dying day and the kids had fun writing everyone’s names on the eggs with crayons.  We had just found out not long before Easter that Aunt Hallie was having a baby.  They had jokingly been calling the baby Tadpole, so even Tadpole had an egg.  We can’t wait until next Easter when we get to hold sweet baby Lucy.

Mer with Uncle Keith
Mer with Uncle Keith





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Contact Update

Last week I took Merideth for a Dr. appointment for her eyes.  She was able to read 20/20 out of her bad eye.  Please continue to pray for her.  The doctor was very pleased with her progress.

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