Contact Update

Last week I took Merideth for a Dr. appointment for her eyes.  She was able to read 20/20 out of her bad eye.  Please continue to pray for her.  The doctor was very pleased with her progress.


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Do I have to catch all of my food?

Tonight when we went with friend’s of ours to Lamberts I was reminded of our first trip there.  We had told the kids that we were going to a place were they threw rolls and they were fine when the first rolls were thrown their way.  Then, we got ready to order and Grant didn’t want to eat.  He started kind of having a fit and whining about it and we told him that he had to eat.  Well, after we put in our order they started coming around with the pass arounds and both of my kids love okra.  We asked them if they wanted some and at first Grant said “no.”  We couldn’t figure out why and right before they got to our table we noticed that he was sitting there with his hands cupped together like a little bowl.  He was also acting really nervous.  We asked him what he was doing and he said “do we have to catch all of our food?”  We quickly understood why he didn’t want to order anything and why he didn’t want okra.    After re-assuring him that we didn’t have to catch anything but the rolls he had a great time.  Tonight he loved going with our friends.

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Thursday School

dsc02495dsc02500dsc02504On Thursday Mornings Merideth goes to Thursday School.  This is a free program at a local church and it is amazing.  They rotate through the ABC, Bible Story, Games, and Craft rooms and they have a snack.  Here she is on her Birthday where she got to help lead the Pledge and the kids sang happy birthday to her.

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Valentine’s Party


This year our home school group decided to make valentine’s and take them to a local nursing home to hand out.  All of the kids did such a great job of interacting with the residents that we plan to go back at Easter and kind of adopt this place for our group to go to.    After they handed out cards they sang songs for the residents while they were having their coffee/cookie time.  Then we went back to a friend’s and made Valentine Cookies, had snack, and a devotional about God’s Love.   I feel so blessed to be a part of such a great group of women and their children.








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Snow Pictures

Here are some of this years snow pictures.  I could not keep the kids inside.  Two different times Grant stayed out so long that his shirt sleeves froze to the insides of his coat and gloves.








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Rejoice and Be Glad Music Classes

I began giving piano to a friend’s daughter last May.  Things have gone well and I decided to add some more individual piano students and some group preschool classes.  Last week was the first week for those and things went great.  It was sooo much fun.  I don’t know who had more fun the kids, or me. 






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Upward Basketball

In January Grant started playing Upward Basketball.  He loves it and has so much fun each week.  He ended up randomly getting on a team with two of his best buds Emilio and Bailey.  Chris is his team’s assistant coach.



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